Coming Soon : QAD Tax Parcel Query
Short Description:
A simple web application to allow users to query tax parcels by tax account, site address, or (optionally) owner name. Results are displayed in tabled forms and provide a link to an interactive map which can be customized to display any number of geodatabase map layers.
Solution description:
  • A customized web application written in ASP.NET teamed with ESRI's ArcIMS product and hosted on an Windows 2003 Server / IIS platform.
  • The application includes search functions for tax parcels by tax account number, site address, or (optionally) owner name. Results are displayed in a table form with optional links to more expansive or descriptive pages.
  • Links are provided to display an interactive map display of the selected tax parcel and can show any number of map layers. At the very basic level, the customer should have layers available to display tax parcels and road name labels but more is encouraged.
  • The source for the map layers can be drawn from a combination of shape files and ArcSDE geodatabase feature classes.